What if I already receive my services from another agency, but would like to switch to Minnesota Quality Care, Inc?

Contact our office to let us know you are interested in transferring your services to our agency.  We will schedule a visit with you to sign the agency transfer paperwork and to answer any questions you may have about our agency.  After the meeting, our clinical staff will work with you, your county and/or insurance, and physician to provide a smooth, seamless service transfer to Minnesota Quality Care, Inc.

How is a PCA or Homemaker chosen?

Minnesota Quality Care, Inc. is a PCPO/PCA Choice Agency, meaning we are either able to place one of our already trained PCA’s in your home to best suit your needs; or we can hire a Personal Care Attendant of your choice.  Minnesota Quality Care, Inc. will hire your PCA, complete a background study, provide all necessary training, provide RN supervision of the PCA, collect the employee time sheets, and bill the state or your prepaid health plan directly.

How do I become a PCA?

Call the Minnesota Quality Care, Inc. office at 612-872-8811 to set up an appointment to fill out an application.  You will be asked to provide identification at that time, you can visit the Federal Website,, to determine how many and which forms of ID to bring to your appointment.  Minnesota Quality Care, Inc. will then submit a background study to the State of Minnesota.  Once the background study has passed the state will send a letter to both the potential employee and Minnesota Quality Care, Inc.  Minnesota Quality Care, Inc. is not able to hire employees who do not pass the background study.

Will training be provided?

Upon hiring, Minnesota Quality Care, Inc. will provide a training session in our office, and the RN will visit the employee and client in the clients home to establish a proper care plan.  The Department of Human Services also requires completion of annual online training.  Minnesota Quality Care, Inc. also requires an in-home visit with the PCA and client approximately every 60 days in order to ensure the care plan is being followed properly.

Timesheets and Pay Periods

Minnesota Quality Care, Inc. has a biweekly pay period.  PCA’s are required to complete a timesheet in accordance to the care plan.  Once completed, both the PCA and Client sign the timesheet and then it can be mailed, faxed, or turned in in-person to the office no later than the Monday prior to pay day.  PCA’s who turn in their timesheets no later than Monday will be paid every other Friday..

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